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Safety Incentives Lead to Fewer Injuries at Work

Behavior based safety incentive programs have been shown to reduce on-the-job injuries. Behavior based safety incentive programs reward employees both for safe behavior, and reporting incidents of unsafe behavior or unsafe working conditions. Using this carrot based incentive program has proven to reduce injury, which also reduces workman’s compensation costs for the organization. Based on a 2010 survey, the Government Accountability Office estimates that only 25% of manufacturing companies were using a safety rewards program. This means that 75% of manufacturers, which have higher rates of on-the-job injury, are both allowing more injuries and unsafe workplace practices to occur and simultaneously costing themselves thousands of dollars in workman’ compensation claims.

Safety rewards can range from providing small incentives for workers who serve on a safety and responsibility committee, to providing more substantial incentives such as gift cards to employees who report unsafe activity or unsafe working conditions. Providing substantial rewards to employees for making often difficult choices to report incidents shows employees that the organization they work for stands behind their choices and their safety. Showing that kind of support also helps maintain productivity, a positive morale, and employee retention rates within the company.

How do you show your employees that you care for their safety? For more information on safety reward and incentive programs check out this article from Risk & Insurance Digital Network.

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