What do Twitter, LinkedIn and Employee Recognition have in Common?


Incentive Magazine recently published an article called “Forget Employee of the Month and Focus on Employee of the Moment”, where they discussed the rise of importance of
immediate rewards for brilliant performance. In the past year, our connected sociability brought a 250% increase in tweets per day, 100% growth of LinkedIn users, and Facebook’s increases logins to 250 million each day, indicating a rapidly growing culture of immediacy.

How does this effect HR professionals? Razor Suleman’s Incentive article announces that it’s time to institute an “Employee of the Moment” strategy by launching a social networking campaign to:

  • Take their picture & upload it, tweet it, blog it, post it, and even “like” it on
  • Foster a culture of knowledge sharing to grow and improve processes, recruit, communicate, and enhance employee engagement – REAL
  • Say thank you in a way that allows employees to share their positive
  • Build your employer brand, by adopting the newest ways to
  • Add frequency to focused conversations about wins & successes

GiftCard Partners encourages employer customers to order their bulk gift cards in advance of needing them, to have them on-hand for “Employee of the Moment”…moments as well as for holiday giving.
Source: Incentive Magazine online, article by Razor Suleman




Established in 2004, GiftCard Partners is an award-winning leader and outsourced solution provider for merchant B2B gift card programs through key distribution channels.

Ramping up for Incentive “Gamification”

At GiftCard Partners, we’ve been hearing a lot about how corporations are targeting gaming as a way to attract employees to workplace motivation and incentive programs. Interactive games are a fun and effective way to educate and train employees, and promote behavior changes. According to the National Training Laboratories, learners who engage with games as part of their educational process retain 75 % of the knowledge they acquire. The fun and innovative nature of games may also be key to helping companies overcome the challenges of increasing enrollment and participation in health and wellness programs, sales incentive programs, training, and workplace safety programs.

The corporate gaming tipping point may not be far off. A recent Gartner study says that by 2015, 50% of companies will embrace gamification. “Gamification gets people more engaged, helps change behaviors and stimulates innovation”, Gartner said. “The applications in business include accelerating feedback cycles by incenting users to give feedback. Gamification sets clear rules and a compelling narrative for players to feel empowered at a task. And it sets up tasks that are achievable”, says Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat.

What “prizes” or rewards are utilized for gaming? Many online or computer games include token economies (points) that can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards. Gift cards continue to hold top placement as the incentive of choice with 8 out of ten employees preferring a gift card as incentive. They hold trophy value for program participants of and their flexibility allows employees to select their own rewards, creating motivation for long term engagement with the program. Gift cards like CVS/pharmacy® and Nutrisystem® cards are integrated into health and wellness programs, fashion gift cards like Charming Shoppes (Lane Bryant®, Fashion Bug®, and Catherines®) promote professional dress in the workplace, and employers reward with Brinker gift cards (Chili’s Grill® & Bar, Romano’s Macaroni Grill®, On The Border® and Maggiano’s Little Italy®)

Inter-company social media will be a great vehicle for promoting games. Check out our blogs about how social media is being used to promote employee recognition: Social Media and Employee Recognition and More Ways to Use Social Media for Employee Recognition

Established in 2004, GiftCard Partners is an award-winning leader and outsourced solution provider for merchant B2B gift card programs through key distribution channels.