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Avoid Employee Burnout and Professional Resentment

Everyone burns out at their job, but preventing employees burnout is key to organizational success. In order to avoid burnout it is important to allow employees find a rhythm a work. Giving flexibility in employee schedules and work rhythms is crucial in helping employees avoid job resentment. When an employee resents their position, their work hours, or any piece of their professional life they become less productive at work, and less dedicated to their organization.

Rewarding employees for going above and beyond for a particular project, by giving them a spot reward like a The Cheese Cake Factory or AutoZone Gift Card, as well as creating incentives by rewarding long-term dedication and productivity is important to keeping employees engaged at work and happy in their jobs. This increases retention rates and employee morale. Using spotrewards like gift cards, as well as larger rewards such as travel or added vacation time is important. Spot rewards given out without warning are effective in keeping employees engaged day-to-day.Marissa Mayer of Bloomberg Businessweek shares more on Avoiding Employee Burnout.


Rachel Merkin is a digital marketing professional. She has been exploring the worlds of social media and B2B gift cards since 2006. When she is not blogging, tweeting, or finding ways to leverage Facebook as a marketing tool, she spends as much time at the beach as she can.
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