12 Trends in Rewards & Recognition

I had the pleasure of attending the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) 12 Trends in Rewards & Recognition webinar last week. It was a truly well put together and extremely professional event; I don’t tend to take these attributes for granted these days. And the post webinar white paper download is filled with survey results, studies, insights, economic climate conditions, mobile technology implications in the workplace, the latest engagement techniques, and so much more.

During the webinar, they noted that they’d release 2 new studies about the use of prepaid cards as incentives and rewards and 11 new studies and white papers on the use of rewards, recognition, and motivational meetings in the workplace.

Here are IRF’s top 12 Trends, do take the time to download the white paper; it’s a must read for employers involved with engagement, motivation, recognition, and rewards…the things that keep your business ticking!

  1. Change on Steroids: Velocity of change and volatility
  2. The Continuing “New Normal”: Budgetary pessimism
  3. Tech Rules: Mobile uprising
  4. Game-On: Gamification
  5. Proof Positive: Increased scientific and management support
  6. We’re All Marketers Now
  7. Can You Handle the Truth? The retention myth and a culture of innovation
  8. Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch: A social/virtual workplace & the need for face to face
  9. “To Your Health!”: Wellness required
  10. Convergence and Integration
  11. The World is Our “Oyster”: Global rise of China, Need for multi-lingual people, Impact of global issues affecting the domestic economy
  12. May We Lend a Hand?: Corporate social responsibility

Download the full white paper here.

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