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Celebrate Healthcare HR Week with Healthy Gift Cards

The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) has designated the week of March 11-17th, 2012 as THE week to recognize HR professionals in hospitals and non-hospital organizations across the US. These professionals deal with difficult issues day in and day out, and they are the backbone of the healthcare workforce.

If you are an HR professional in the healthcare industry, lead the way and reward your colleagues with the gift they can use, like CVS and CVS SelectTM gift cards. It’s the employee gift that goes a long way to help with everyday family healthcare costs. Learn more about Healthcare HR Week!

Stacey Sicurella is a 15-year marketing veteran, working in the Boston area for GiftCard Partners. Recent accomplishments include blogging with abandon, acquiring work-life balance and building amazing sand-castles with her children.
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