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Customer Loyalty Points Programs, YOUR Own Way

There are many 3rd party companies that define, administer and track customer loyalty programs as a service, but there are also many companies that successfully run their own loyalty program in-house. Incentive and loyalty points platforms are utilized to create and maintain customer accrued points, and they include the redemption platform which is loaded with the rewards.

These systems also integrate features like social media, communications tools, survey systems, and special online promotion tools. What do internally-run or independently-run loyalty programs look like? They look much like the ones that loyalty program providers run, and they often include a portfolio of gift cards to choose from when redeeming loyalty points.  Each program has its own attributes for accruing points, some examples are:

*    Simply, dollar to point system
*    Promotions like spend X and get double points
*    Member discounts
*    Retailer partnering, like fuel discounts
*    Additional points for online purchases

Companies that run their own loyalty programs should be sure there are flexible rewards, like gift cards and bulk gift card buyers receive % discounts based on the spend for cards purchased. These programs are an integral piece of a loyalty strategy and they work to help acquire, retain, and reward customers via the accumulation of points. Do you run an internal loyalty program?

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