Another Great Way to Use Gift Cards for Wellness – Veterans

Veteran’s Day is this Friday, November 11th and we’re seeing lots of gift card promotions, offers and sales …but how many of them actually benefit US Veterans? One VA Medical Center held a women’s health program that gave away $20 gift cards to women who received HIV testing in the month of September. This was a great way to support our veterans while promoting routine female healthcare checks and disease control.

You may know that GCP has been collecting and sharing the great employer health and wellness uses of gift cards that we are capturing in our series of surveys – check out our blog: Health and Wellness Employer Gift Card Successes: for more great healthcare gift card uses.

Source: The Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee

Stacey Sicurella is a 15-year marketing veteran, working in the Boston area for GiftCard Partners. Recent accomplishments include blogging with abandon, acquiring work-life balance and building amazing sand-castles with her children.