Imagine Getting Paid to Reward your employees

Google Wallet, the much anticipated mobile wallet system is now paying people to shop. After an initial slow adoption to the new service, and consumers still being slow to use mobile technology for financial reasons, Google Wallet is now offering shoppers $10 to use their service in select stores in 5 cities throughout the United States before the holidays.   Google employees will also travel to major metropolitan areas throughout the nation to help consumers use the new mobile application. In today’s economy that could mean a lot.  For employers among us, it could mean hundreds, if not thousands of dollars saved on bonuses, or delivery of holiday gift cards. It could mean saving even more on postage, and credit card processing fees. It could mean all of your employees experiencing the ease of mobile commerce and appreciating their employer even more for delivering their holiday gift directly to their mobile phone.

For consumers, it could mean one less day packing your lunch one week, or being able to grab coffee on your way to work instead of dealing with whatever caffeine is available at the office. Or for the more responsible among us it could mean ten more dollars spent on holiday gifts.

As we head into the holiday season, imagine getting paid to fight the lines at the mall, or your employer doing so.

Rachel Merkin is a digital marketing professional. She has been exploring the worlds of social media and B2B gift cards since 2006. When she is not blogging, tweeting, or finding ways to leverage Facebook as a marketing tool, she spends as much time at the beach as she can.